Undergraduate Announcements

Important Spring Term 2023 Dates

January 9                    Spring term classes begin
January 13                  Last day to declare new major for spring term
January 16                  University closed/no classes

January 20                  Add/drop period ends
January 27                  Extended drop period ends
February 3                   Deadline to submit Grade Option (S/NC) forms
February 13                 Summer term enrollment begins
March 5-12                  Spring recess/no classes
March 17                     Monitored withdrawal deadline
March 18                     Last day to resign from all classes with partial refund
March 27                     Fall term enrollment dates begin
April 7                          Last day to withdrawal from all classes
April 22-29                  Final examination period for all undergraduate Saturday and evening classes
April 24-28                  Final examination period for undergraduate day classes
April 30                       Annual Undergraduate Commencement Convocation        


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  • Summer 2023 Psychology Enrollment - Check out these upper-level electives! - New Posting
  • Message from the Chair - Reaffirming Our Commitment to EDI - New Posting
  • Let's Celebrate the Class of 2023! 
  • Scholarship Opportunities for Academic Term 2023-24 
  • 23rd Annual Psychology Undergraduate Poster Session
  • Interested in the Psychology Club at Pitt? 
  • Participation Requested - Brief Research Survey 


  • Black Pre-Health Panel - New Posting
  • Celebrating Social Work Month - New Posting
  • Interested in writing or graphic design for Pitt Pulse?
  • Study on Student Attitudes Toward College Majors 
  • Food Distribution, Community Food Bank 
  • Women in Research, New Student Organization
  • MCSI Research Seed Grants in Sustainability 
  • SAFE Resources
  • Pitt Pantry Open - O'Hara Student Center
  • Rehab Science Student Association 


  • 17th Annual Regional Undergraduate Psychology Conference - Deadline Extended - New Posting
  • Undergraduate Internship Opportunity, The Center for Relational Change, Pittsburgh, PA - New Posting
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - New Posting
  • Survey Opportunity
  • Summer Internship Opportunity, Shadyside Hospital Elder Life Program
  • Annual Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Summer Undergraduate Lab Assistant, UPMC 
  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Research Presentation Opportunity 
  • 25th Annual Laurel Highlands Undergraduate Psychology Conference 
  • Summer Internship, The Carter Center
  • Study Participation 
  • Summer Internships, Glade Run Adventures 
  • Paid Research Position, University of Pittsburgh
  • 2023 Internship & Employment Opportunities with Camp Wediko
  • Three Master's and Doctoral Programs in Psychological Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 
  • Undergraduate Study for Knowledge of Doctoral Study Cost 


  • Forensic & Legal Psychology Virtual Informaiton Session, Roger Williams University
  • MS Psychological Science, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga 
  • USC Master of Addiction Science Information Session 
  • Graduate School Application Resources 
  • M.Ed. in Counselor Education Program Open House, University of Virginia
  • MSW in Clinical Social Work, Slippery Rock University
  • Master of Addiction Science, University of Southern California
  • Online Master's of Applied Psychology, Shippensburg University 


  • Full-time Project Leaders, University of Colorado Boulder - New Posting
  • Research Assistant, Providence, Rhode Island - New Posting
  • Clinical Research Coordinators, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School - New Posting
  • Full-time Research Specialist Position, Georgetown University - New Posting
  • Lab Coordinator, Northwestern University (ADAPT) - New Posting
  • Full-time Research Assistant, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School - New Posting
  • Part-time Research Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Full-time Research Assistant, Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital
  • Full-time Data Analyst/Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 
  • Research Assistant, The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research 
  • Full-time Research Specialist, University of Pittsburgh 
  • Full-time Research Coordinator/Lab Manager, University of Pennsylvania
  • Full-time Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant, Vanderbilt University Medical Center 
  • Full-time Research Coordinator, Florida International University
  • Full-time Project Coordinator and Two Research Assistant Positions, Temple University
  • Full-time Post-baccalaureate Research Associate, University of Maryland 
  • Service Year Program, Casa de Esperanza 
  • Research Coordinator, University of Washington 
  • Full-time Research Coordinator, University of Georgia
  • Full-time Post-baccalaureate Research Coordinator, Temple University
  • Full-time Research Assistant, University of Chicago
  • Full-time Research Lab Coordinator, University of Iowa 
  • Full-time research Assistant, Yale University 
  • Research Coordinator, Rutgers University 
  • Full-time Research Assistant, Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
  • Full-time Research Assistant, Binghamton University (SUNY) 
  • Full-time Lab Manager, University of Michigan
  • Full-time Lab Coordinator, University of Michigan 
  • Full-time Clinical Research Assistant, The McLean Hospital Division of Psychotic Disorders 
  • Full-time Research Specialist, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh 
  • Arterial Stiffness, Cognition and Equol (ACE), Research Study Opportunity 
  • Post-Bacc Program in Psychological Science, University of California, Irvine 
  • Full-Time Research Technician, The Ohio State University 
  • Yale Fellowship in Translational Developmental Neuroscience 





Summer 2023 Psychology Enrollment - Check out these upper-level electives!New Posting

Summer 2023 class enrollment is now open for all students. The summer term is a great time to complete 1000-level Psychology electives that tend to fill up quickly during fall and spring enrollment, like Health Psychology (PSY 1215) and Psychology and the Media (PSY 1080). Reach out to your advisor if you have questions about summer classes!


Message from the Chair - Reaffirming Our Commitment to EDINew Posting

Today I was deeply troubled to learn that several events featuring speakers who espouse transphobic views are scheduled to take place on Pitt’s campus in the coming weeks. Perhaps most troubling is the “Debate on Transgenderism and Womanhood”, which will feature conservative activist, Michael Knowles, who called for the eradication of transgenderism from public life at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference. I thought that it was important to reach out to reaffirm the department of psychology’s commitment to creating safe and supportive learning environments for students, staff, and faculty in our community who identify as queer and trans. I also want to acknowledge the pain and hurt that they may be feeling at this time of unprecedented attacks, which have now infiltrated our university community.  

I hope that you will reach out to trans student, faculty, and staff and express your support during this difficult time and consider participating in efforts to speak out against these hateful views. Our departmental Teams channel has become one source for updates  (https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3a9d93672bbc5b44d393c73a8ce0439...). We have been told that the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will soon be releasing statements of support.

Additionally, I also want to make sure that everyone is aware of LGBTQIA+ resources for connecting with others and accessing support. Information can be found at: https://www.lgbtq.pitt.edu/



Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal, Ph.D.
Chair & Professor, Department of Psychology
Senior Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center
University of Pittsburgh


Let's Celebrate the Class of 2023!

We are excited to celebrate the accomplishments of the Undergraduate Psychology Class of 2023!

We'll have food, music, plenty of props for your photos, and decorating supplies for your cap to make you stand out from the crowd at the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences ceremony!

When:   Friday, April 28, 2023
Where: Posvar Hall Patio
Time:   5:00pm - 7:00pm
            230 S. Bouquet St.
            Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Due to space limitations, we kindly request that each graduate limit the number of guests they bring to two. Parking is available in Posvar Hall garage (enter via Clemente Dr.) through the Parkmobile app (https://parkmobile.io/) or in the Soldiers and Sailors garage (4390 Bigelow Blvd). Regalia is optional.

An invitation was sent to all April 2023 undergraduate psychology applicants. Please review your Pitt email for this invitation and RSVP by March 10, 2023.If you've not yet applied for April graduation, please so so ASAP by visiting this webpage https://www.asundergrad.pitt.edu/student-records. 


Scholarship Opportunities for Academic Term 2023-24

These two scholarships are offered from the Pittsburgh Foundation and faciilitated through the Department of Psychology. Both are available via PittFund$Me. Each scholarship has separate requirements which are listed on their respective webpages. 

Pittsburgh Foundation: Dr. John Knox Hall, Jr. Scholarship: https://clurl.co/120AF81D13282609
Pittsburgh Foundation: Rose and Zachary Caplan Scholarship: https://clurl.co/BE0AE587CA48E538


23rd Annual Psychology Undergraduate Poster Session

Registration Form: /sites/default/files/2023%20Poster%20Registration%20Form.doc 
The registration deadline is April 3, 2023 and we are unable to accept late registration requests.


Interested in the Psychology Club at Pitt?


Participation Requested - Brief Research Survey

The Roecklein Seasonality Lab at the University of Pittsburgh invites participants for a brief, online survey about words that remind you of the winter and summer seasons. We are developing a list of words that are very related to winter, and a list that are very related to summer. These word lists would be used in subsequent studies to measure individual cognitive responses to the seasons, so we aim to generate lists of widely accepted words beforehand.

Compensation is not provided for this pilot study, and we expect the survey to take 5-10 minutes. Your answers will be anonymous, and your computer IP address will not be recorded by the survey software.

More detail about the survey is provided in the survey link below. You can also feel free to get in touch by emailing the Study Coordinator at sadstudy@pitt.edu if you have any questions, or kroeck@pitt.edu if you would like to speak to Dr. Roecklein directly.


Please only take the survey once. Thank you for considering, and thank you very much for participation in our research studies at the University of Pittsburgh. We are entirely dependent on volunteers like you who believe in the value of research.




Black Pre-Health PanelNew Posting


Celebrating Social Work Month New Posting

Yesterday officially kicked off Social Work Month 2023 and if you don't know already, this year's theme is "Social Work Breaks Barriers." This is an nod to how social workers continuously breakdown the barriers that prevent people from living their lives to the fullest, and that is something the team at EduMed believes is worth celebrating.

On our site, we have a few guides that are designed to help aspiring social workers successfully earn the necessary education to launch their futures. The first guide highlights six tips for being a successful social work student, and the second one takes a look at some of the top online bachelor's programs for students wanting a flexible and affordable education.

Best Online Guide to Tips for Social Work Students - https://www.edumed.org/online-schools/social-work-degrees/6-tips-for-suc...

Best Guide to Online Bachelor's Degrees in Social Work - https://www.edumed.org/online-schools/social-work-degrees/

We believe that one of the best ways to celebrate this important time is by building up the future of social work. The scope of social work is constantly evolving, and a great testament to this is how Chicago has begun to experiment with responding to mental health emergency calls with a team of mental health professionals. This experiment is actively breaking barriers, and today's students are tomorrow's leaders in sustaining experiments like these and the overall evolution of the field.


Interested in writing or graphic design for Pitt Pulse? 

Are you interested in science or creative nonfiction? Do you enjoy writing or graphic design? You should join The Pitt Pulse!

Pitt Pulse is a creative science magazine that aims to promote unique scientific discussions across the Pitt campus and the nation. We publish four times per academic year (four cycles) and distribute our magazine across our college campus and put our articles on our website.

We are looking for both writers and graphic designers for our articles! You can be of any background or level of experience - we have assistant editors and writing guides to help you throughout the whole process.

Sign up to be a writer for cycle 3 here!  -  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSnja3Kzii2mBaapYy_w0BDfzcrQ-v...
Sign up to design for cycle 3 here!  -  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHSLizAuN8DhNCoiMYnxbrA3a1rqse...
To sign-up for our mailing list, fill out this form: (literally only 3 questions!)  -  https://forms.gle/zKd3atWCHRbszV6C7

If you have any questions, email us at: thepittpulse@gmail.com

All of our past articles can be found here: thepittpulse.org


Study on Student Attitudes Toward College Majors 


As part of an undergraduate research project, I am inviting all undergraduate Pitt students to complete a brief, online survey on attitudes and perceptions towards various majors.

Compensation is not provided, but the survey is expected to take 2-3 minutes to complete. You may only take the survey once and your responses will be completely anonymous. If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Haudrich at eah128@pitt.edu. Thank you for your time and participation in this survey


Women in Research, New Student Organization 

Women in Research is a new student organization open to any non-man identifying students. Our goal is to help students who might feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in research explore and pursue their interests. We offer internship placement in Pitt and non-Pitt labs, a mentorship program with graduate students and professionals, and a safe space to discuss discrimination in the research field. We host guided research conferences and competitions, which include many opportunities for awards. If you're interested in joining our email list, email LKS51@pitt.edu.


MCSI Research Seed Grants in Sustainability

Student Group Grants: Led by the Pitt Green Fund, student applications will be reviewed collaboratively between the Green Fund, the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation, and the Pitt Office of Sustainability. Applicants may be eligible for sole or collaborative funding from these sources based on project type and details. The Green Fund reviews project applications every Sunday night until the end of the Spring Semester. Eligible applications will be reviewed by the Mascaro Center and Office of Sustainability on a rolling basis following the applicants meeting with the Green Fund. Application deadline: Proposals reviewed with a rolling deadline. Application link

Deadline to apply, April 21, 2023.


SAFE Resources


Pitt Pantry Open - O'Hara Student Center

Tuesdays: 10am-6 pm 
Thursday: 10am -6 pm

Location: O’Hara Student Center, 4024 O’Hara St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Other food pantry options:


Rehab Science Student Association




17th Annual Regional Undergraduate Psychology Conference - Deadline ExtendedNew Posting


Undergraduate Internship Opportunity, The Center for Relational ChangeNew Posting

Job description: This is a hybrid position where there is flexibility to be virtual or in person. The intern contributes to The Center for Relational Change mainly by returning intake and referral calls. In addition to this responsibility, the intern is also asked to aid in community outreach by contacting businesses and organizations for a variety of tasks. Additional responsibilities include performing clerical duties such as checking office supplies, organizing photocopies and faxes, and assisting in special projects as needed. The intern is expected to work 10-12 hours per week. LMFT, C. Michaela Jacks supervises the BA level interns. Weekly meetings with your supervisor are required to ensure that you are meeting the expectations of this position. The intern should complete the following clearances before beginning work; Pennsylvania Child Abuse History (Act 33/151), Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check (Act 34), Federal Criminal History Record/FBI Criminal Report (Act 114). In addition, if needed, there is free, public transportation from downtown Oakland to the East End location.

*The undergraduate intern has the following responsibilities and duties:

  • Managing intake calls and emails with a 24-48 hour period
  • Managing faxes
  • Updating monthly supplies
  • Completing chart audits on master level intern(s) files
  • Attend meetings with the center’s staff (i.e. annual conference meetings, sub-committee meetings, etc.)
  • Research topics such as funding, payment options, continuing education providers, HBCUs

*The undergraduate intern should have the following skills, education and experience:

  • Obtained or is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Social Work,
  • Public, Gender Studies, Sociology
  • Access to computer and internet daily for intake responsibilities
  • Written and verbal skills
  • Proficiency in computer skills such as excel, microsoft word, email, etc.

The Center for Relational Change Mission Statement:
The Center for Relational Change is Pittsburgh’s premier family therapy practice. Our clinicians are skilled, caring, insightful licensed therapists helping individuals, couples and families work through issues of self-worth, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma and abuse, and more. We work with everyone, regardless of race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. If you, your partner and/or family are having a difficult time healing from past issues, working through present concerns or want to maintain a healthy future, the Center for Relational Change is a great place to begin investing in yourself and your relationships.


Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Pittsburgh School of MedicineNew Posting

Dr. Amery Treble-Barna in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Dr. Bailey Petersen in the Department of Critical Care Medicine are seeking undergraduate research assistants to assist with a study monitoring physical activity in children with traumatic brain injury at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for summer 2023 (min. 10 hours/week, up to as many hours as desired). Research assistants will receive training in the use of activity monitors for measuring physical activity. Research assistants will gain exposure to a wide variety of research approaches and rehabilitation topics, consent participants, and will have the opportunity to earn co-authorship on presentations and manuscripts. Interested students are invited to send a cover letter describing their interest in the position, CV and unofficial transcript to Dr. Bailey Petersen at bap87@pitt.edu.


Survey Opportunity

Thank you for considering participation in this research study! The primary goal of this project is to assess the rate of food and nutrition security among University of Pittsburgh students in order to provide lasting solutions.
We truly value the information that you provide. By participating in this survey, you will be helping researchers understand food access issues. All information disclosed in this survey will remain confidential.
This survey will take about 10 minutes. Please click here to start the survey. We appreciate your time.
If you have any questions, please contact:  Corey S. Flynn, MPPM, NDTR, coreyflynn@pitt.edu, 415-310-2225


Summer Internship Opportunity, Shadyside Hospital Elder Life Program

HELP has several openings for the summer semester (mid-May through mid- June) here at UPMC Shadyside location. 

We are actively recruiting volunteers and interns for the summer.  We will be attending the summer volunteer and job fair being held at Pitt’s student union on April 5th but, wanted to get the word out before then. We are holding our open house/information sessions for the summer volunteers/inters the week of March 20th

If you have any students that are looking for summer volunteer or internship opportunities, please have them email me or apply on our website  https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/ap?AP=1809149721 .  Under the availability section of the application, they should select “H.E.L.P Shadyside” as the preferred hospital, not UPMC Shadyside.  They do NOT need to complete the section that asks for their specific availability.  We will get that at a later date.


Annual Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference, Cuyahoga Community College

The Annual Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference will be hosted by Cuyahoga Community College on Saturday, March 25, 2023. 

The OUPRC provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to present their original works to other students and faculty. A consortium of Ohio colleges and universities sponsors the conference each year. Student papers are welcomed from both member and nonmember institutions. 

Keynote speaker:
Dr. Shereen Naser, Associate Professor, Psychology, Cleveland State University

Submit proposals at bit.ly/23OUPRCProposals
Deadline: 11:59 p.m. Sunday, March 19

Free to attend and participate!
Non-presenters welcome
Register by Monday, March 20 at: bit.ly/23OUPRCRegistration
Cuyahoga Community College - Western Campus
11000 Pleasant Valley Rd., Parma, OH 44130

Learn more at: https://www.tri-c.edu/programs/liberal-arts-and-sciences/psychology/ohio-undergraduate-psychology-research-conference.html


Summer Undergraduate Lab Assistant, UPMC

Are you interested in gaining clinical research experience with high-risk adolescents?

We are looking for an organized, motivated undergraduate psychology student to assist in our lab this spring and throughout the 2023-2024 academic year.  This is a federally funded research study examining the relationship between sleep and suicidality in an at-risk adolescent population.  Tasks will include administration of computerized cognitive tasks, assisting in training research participants across various study procedures and supporting study staff with the processing and storage of incoming data. 

In the lab, you will work as part of a dynamic multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals led by Drs. Tina Goldstein PhD and Peter Franzen PhD at the University of Pittsburgh.  A minimum of 4 hours/week commitment during the semester is required; days and hours can be flexible but some in person availability is required.

Interested individuals please contact Project Coordinator Dawn Rice at ricedm@upmc.edu.


American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Research Presentation Opportunity

I am a member of Pitt’s American Medical Student Association (AMSA), and we are currently organizing a student research fair that will occur in WPU Room 630 on March 31st from 4-6pm. We are hoping to provide an opportunity for undergraduate researchers from all areas of study to present their research and for underclassmen to learn about the research their peers are doing here on campus. I was wondering if we would be able to advertise our event on the psychology departments email, newsletter, and/or website. If this would be possible, the link for presenters to sign up is https://forms.gle/bYQPCSwN9YRgz6819. If it would be helpful, we have a flyer ready for you to share with the undergraduates in your department as well. Thank you for your time and consideration!


25th Annual Laurel Highlands Undergraduate Psychology Conference 

25th Annual Laurel Highlands Undergraduate Psychology Conference! The conference will be held on April 15, 2023 at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

The conference provides the important opportunity for undergraduate students to present research prior to graduation, strengthening their employment and graduate school applications. The conference will include both paper and poster presentations. Submissions can report the results of empirical studies designed to contribute to basic or applied research, or they can be literature reviews or meta-analyses. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 5.

More information, including a tentative schedule, driving directions, and registration and/or submission for the conference can be found at https://www.greensburg.pitt.edu/laurel-highlands-conference

SPECIAL REQUEST: For those who attended the conference in previous years, we will be hosting a 25th anniversary celebration including a slide show. Please help by sending images taken at previous conferences to me at kna4@pitt.edu.


Summer Internship, The Carter Center 

The Carter Center is hiring summer interns! Rising juniors, seniors, recent college graduates, and graduate students gain valuable skills and experience in their field of study during the 10-week program. Apply today: bit.ly/3aqbGtH

Carter Center internships are a paid opportunity. Fall and spring sessions are 15 weeks long with a stipend of $4,500; our summer session is 10 weeks long with a stipend of $3,000. Interns work 20 hours per week.
Internships are available through a number of programs and offices within three broad areas of The Carter Center. 

Fall 2023
Deadline: June 15, 2023
Start date: August 22, 2023


Study Participation My name is Bianca De Bellis and I am a PhD student in the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. This year I will be conducting an independent study for one of my classes exploring the effect that positive teacher relationships have in mediating the relationship between childhood trauma, and adult levels of traumatic stress and insecure attachment. 

I am contacting you to explore the possibility of sharing this study with your e-mail distribution lists, classes, groups or social media channels where those interested might be reached. I have received full IRB approval to recruit following this method. I have outlined more specific details below. 

What participation involves: Those that are interested will complete a brief three question screening survey to determine eligibility. If people qualify for the study, they will be automatically directed to the study survey, which should take approximately 30 minutes. 

Participant compensation: Participants can enter to win one of six $50 gift cards.

How to participate: Those interested should go to the link below to fill out the screening survey. If they are eligible, they will be automatically directed to the study survey. Completing the screening survey does not guarantee participation in the study, and there is no compensation for completing the screening survey. https://pitt.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_42cyP5wg7jPiufs 

Please let me know if you would be willing to pass this information along. I have attached two files below. One file is text you may copy and paste and use for an email announcement. The other file is a graphic with text you can use for a social media post.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me back (brd2120@pitt.edu) or call me at (201)-982-5135.


Summer Internships, Glade Run Adventures 

Glade Run Adventures is a unique therapeutic program which utilizes animals, plants and the natural environment to provide experiential learning opportunities to all individuals.  The focus of the Program is to assist individuals with challenges in reaching their treatment goals while providing a service to the community.
The program provides a wide variety of activities including; therapeutic horseback riding lessons, social skill development summer camps, equine assisted learning (EAL), therapeutic horticulture activities and more. 
The program is seeking interns to assist in programming and development of daily activities.  Each intern will share the responsibilities outlined below, with a separate concentration in these areas;

Equine and Animal Management Concentration

  • Ideal for students majoring in Equine Studies

Adventures Therapeutic Programming Concentration

  • Ideal for students with equine experience majoring in Exercise Science, Therapeutic Recreation, OT, Psychology, or other human services field.
  • Mounted and unmounted activity focus during lessons and camps.

Summer Camp Concentration

  • Ideal for students majoring in Therapeutic Recreation, Psychology, or other human services field. No equine experience is needed.
  • Summer Camp dates for 2023: June 19-30 & July 31 - August 11


  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older and working towards academic credit
  • Must have a working knowledge in area of concentration
  • Must have desire and ability to work with clients with mental health diagnosis
  • Must possess good organizational skills
  • Must have the ability to respond well to ever changing environment
  • Must be reliable, trustworthy and dependable
  • Must have completed at least one year of college


  • Assist with therapeutic Adventures activities.
  • Assist in supervision of clients and junior volunteers.
  • Work with staff to develop lesson plans tailored to the therapeutic goals of clients.
  • Be involved in the routine care of plants and animals and in the maintenance of plant and animal areas.
  • Help to develop the program through suggestions, constructive criticism, and active participation.

Benefits of Internship:

  • Experience a wide variety of unique therapeutic modalities
  • Work with a wide variety of ages and disabilities
  • Hands-on planning and implementation
  • Natural environment with focus on sustainability
  • Supportive and encouraging experienced staff

To Apply:


Food Distribution, Community Food Bank

Every 1st Wednesday of the month
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Schenley Plaza


Paid Research Position, University of Pittsburgh

I’m seeking undergraduate and graduate students to join my team in Spring 2023 and beyond. You will work as part of a team on a project building a culturally-responsive robotics program for middle school girls of color. We're creating an after-school style educational experience to engage Black middle school girls in learning computer science, while reflecting on their intersectional identities and power dynamics that exist in their lives. In the program, girls will reflect on how to create technologies that solve problems they see in their communities.

I’m looking for students who are interested in topics of justice-oriented computing education, social technologies that affirm learners' diverse identities, and flexible models of engagement and identity for historically excluded populations. As my work is interdisciplinary, I welcome students from a variety of backgrounds, including psychology, computing/informatics, cognitive science, and community engagement/social work. BIPOC and queer scholars are encouraged to apply

If you are interested in learning more about my research, and potentially joining my lab, please email me, Dr. Angela Stewart at angelas@pitt.edu

Note, paid and independent study positions are both a possibility. For credit opportunities are subject to the requirements of your specific degree program. 


2023 Internship & Employment Opportunities with Camp Wediko


Undergraduate Study for Knowledge of Doctoral Study Cost

We are conducting a study of undergraduate students’ knowledge of the costs associated with doctoral study in psychology. As part of the study, we provide comprehensive information on the process of applying to graduate school in psychology, the costs associated with earning a doctoral degree in psychology, and provide information about financial assistance resources. Beyond contributing to the field’s knowledge through participation, we hope this study will provide useful information to your students.

Interested students may access the informed consent information and survey here: https://augusta.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eVREFcuNcd9K70a

Participation is voluntary, and answers will be confidential. There is the opportunity at the end to consent to being contacted for future studies; this is voluntary. The survey is expected to take approximately 30 minutes. There are no known risks of this study. The benefit to you is learning important information about the process of applying for a doctoral degree in psychology as well as the associated costs. Your participation will help us continue to better understand undergraduate students’ knowledge about the costs associated with doctoral study in psychology.

This study has been approved by the Augusta University Institutional Review Board (Protocol #1838789-1). If you have any questions about this study, please contact the Principal Investigator, Melanie M. Wilcox, Ph.D., at mwilcox@augusta.edu. Members of the Institutional Review Board at Augusta University may be contacted at (706) 721-1483.


Student Organization Participation, University of Pittsburgh Incline Consulting Group

Incline is a student run organization that offers strategical and technological consulting to local non-profits. We are beginning our recruiting period in which we recruit new members of all backgrounds, experiences, and majors. 





Forensic & Legal Psychology Virtual Informaiton Session, Roger Williams University

I'm excited to announce our next virtual Pathways to Forensic & Legal Psychology session on Wednesday, March 29th, at 6:00pm ET. If you have students interested in forensic and legal psychology, we hope you'll share this event with them. We’ve found there are a lot of students interested in forensic or legal psychology, but often have limited resources discussing the field and providing clarity on education and career outcomes.

We’ve been delivering this Pathways session since 2018 to undergraduates around the country to help educate them on the forensic psychology field, educational requirements, necessary skills, potential careers, and advice for the graduate school search and application process – we’ve already presented the session to more than 2,000 students. Our ultimate goal is to educate students on the field and help them be better prepared for the graduate school search process.


MS Psychological Science, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga 

We are accepting applications for the Psychological Science MS program at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and will continue to review applications through April.  The purpose of our program is to provide the training and education needed to become a competent psychological scientist. We use a mentorship model that offers our students the opportunity to work within vibrant research programs led by leading Psychological Scientists whose expertise spans across a variety of sub-disciplines, including infant/child development, gerontology, clinical, cognitive, and socio-cultural. Our faculty work closely with students and community partners to develop evidence-based solutions for challenges encountered in the home, workplace, courtroom, healthcare and educational settings. We have a common goal of leveraging expertise in studying human behavior to promote health and well-being for individuals from diverse backgrounds. In addition to gaining applied research experience, students will take courses within a curriculum designed to foster the skills required to be successful in Ph.D. programs, as well as the applied research sector. We also offer students unique opportunities to gain hands-on teaching experience including teaching introductory psychology, research methodology, and statistics laboratories. In addition, we offer four graduate level statistics courses to encourage robust data analytics skills.   

We encourage applications from qualified students. Please visit our website to view faculty research  interests and to get more details about the application process: https://www.utc.edu/arts-and-sciences/psychology/ms-psych-science Links to an external site.

You can also reach out directly to me with any questions: jill-shelton@utc.edu

You can also email current graduate students with any questions regarding the program: Anna Pusser: xzk757@mocs.utc.edu and Morgan Robinson: mnb591@mocs.utc.edu 

Dr. Jill Shelton, Director of UTC Psychological Science MS program


USC Master of Addiction Science Information Session 

View the USC Master of Addiction Science Information Session here: https://youtu.be/8Sln99I-d4s. You'll find helpful information about their program from this youtube video.


Graduate School Application Resources 

Our next video for Becoming a Psychological Scientist series is here https://youtube.com/watch?v=3ueGQY8mHJo… on interviewing.


MSW in Clinical Social Work, Slippery Rock University 


Master of Addiction Science, University of Southern California


Online Master's of Applied Psychology, Shippensburg University 

The program emphasizes the application of psychological principles and methodologies to real-world problems.  The majority of our graduates enter fields where they assume research-related roles (e.g., program evaluation, survey researcher, data analyst, quality control specialist, etc.) across a variety of sectors in business/industry, government, and non-profit settings.  In addition, there are two specialties that students can pursue; they have the option of pursuing a Six Sigma blackbelt certification if they have specific interests in quality control careers, or they can earn a Behavior Specialist Certificate which provides advanced coursework in applied behavioral analysis for those interested in working with individuals with learning, social, or developmental impairments (e.g., autism). 

Remote assistantships are available on a competitive basis, although contingent on university funding.  Students interested in our program can visit the following link for detailed information:

Shippensburg Psychology Graduate Program




Full-time Project Leaders, University of Colorado BoulderNew Posting

The Research on Affective Disorders and Development (RADD) Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder, directed by Dr. Roselinde Kaiser, is seeking to hire multiple Project Leaders (Professional Research Assistant- Research Faculty positions).

In the RADD Lab, our goal is to gain insight into the brain and behavioral processes that reflect, underlie, or predict depression and other mood experiences in adolescence and emerging adulthood. In complement, we embrace a translational mission, seeking to rapidly deploy research findings to prevention, treatment, and psychoeducation programs that enhance wellness in young people and across the lifespan.

The Project Leader positions in the RADD Lab will support a set of new and ongoing studies that investigate stress, depression, and resilience in adolescents and young adults. The positions will hold a dual focus on research and education/outreach. In the research space, these positions will include project coordination and direct research work with adolescents and young adults, e.g., recruiting participants and engaging in clinical and neuroimaging research measurement, data collection (computer-based, mobile app, MRI), and database management (using web applications such as RedCap; or statistical programs such as R), as well as overseeing study operations. In the education/outreach space, these positions will include working as part of a team to integrate mental health science in classrooms and communities, including co-design and implementation of novel programs on campus.

Therefore, these positions require (1) a BA/BS in Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field, (2) research or teaching experience in the mental health space, (3) ability to perform as an independent researcher, (4) some experience with R, unix, python, matlab or another programming language.

Successful candidates will have strong oral and written communication skills, excellent organizational skills, be highly reliable, and enjoy working in a collaborative team atmosphere.  In addition, they will have a demonstrated ability to multi-task efficiently and to coordinate activities across different research labs and investigators. 

Positions are full-time, to begin between June 01, 2023 – July 01, 2023 (some flexibility in start date).

Interested applicants should submit their CV, a cover letter describing their research interests and career goals, transcript with relevant coursework (unofficial or official), and contact info for 2-3 references to:


Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.  The University of Colorado Boulder is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women, minorities, economically disadvantaged and persons with disabilities to apply.

Thank you for considering our position!


Research Assistant, Providence, Rhode IslandNew Posting

The Rhode Island Hospital Acceptance and Mindfulness-Based Adult Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is seeking a research assistant (RA), with a potential start date of May/June 2023.  The PHP serves adults aged 18 years and older who present with a range of psychological problems, including mood and anxiety disorders, trauma and stress-related disorders, substance use disorders, and personality disorders.  It is an active clinical-research program, where data is collected from semi-structured diagnostic interviews completed with patients upon intake and from self-report measures of symptoms and processes at intake and discharge to allow for examination of treatment outcomes and processes of change.  Candidates should be a recent or upcoming college graduate with a psychology or neuroscience major and an interest in going to graduate or medical school.  Responsibilities of the RA will include conducting diagnostic interviews and writing clinical reports, collecting, entering, and managing databases, submitting and managing IRB applications, recruiting participants, and conducting other tasks associated with various ongoing or new research projects.  Opportunities are available (and highly encouraged) for presenting research at national meetings and writing first-author manuscripts for publication.

Please send applications (cover letter and CV) to Mr. Javelle Stephens at jstephens@lifespan.org.  For additional information or questions about the position, please contact Kristy Dalrymple, PhD (kdalrymple@lifespan.org).  


Clinical Research Coordinators, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical SchoolNew Posting

We are currently looking to hire 1-2 full-time clinical research coordinators (CRCs) to join us at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and assist with NIMH- and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention-funded studies aimed at improving short-term risk prediction for suicidal behavior in adolescents. We are particularly seeking candidates who demonstrate the character, integrity, and work ethic to excel in a collaborative work environment with a clinically sensitive population. Studies assessing proximal risk for suicidal behavior use computational methods to model neurocognitive markers and/or ambulatory indices (i.e., mobile technology including actigraphy, passive sensing of physiological arousal, passive sensing of social engagement and physical activity, and ecological momentary assessment) in psychiatrically hospitalized youth (see RF1MH120830, R01MH124899, R01MH115905, K23MH126168). Additional studies focus on employing computer vision to identify visual indicators of suicide risk among adolescents (R21MH127231, YIG-1-020-20). Our most recently funded study aims to examine how parent-child stress interactions may be associated with or protect against suicide risk in adolescents using automatic sensing of acoustic and visual behaviors (R21MH130767).

The CRCs will work under the mentorship of Dr. Richard Liu and Dr. Taylor Burke at Massachusetts General Hospital. This position is particularly well suited for individuals seeking to gain research and clinical experience prior to graduate or medical school. CRCs who demonstrate potential and excel in this position often have opportunities to receive mentorship on conducting independent research projects and grant-writing. More details about these opportunities and a list of our CRCs' 1st author papers and extramural grants from their time in our lab may be found here.

Application information: The start date is summer 2023. Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and CV through this link. Any questions may be directed to Margarid Turnamian at mghmoodandbehaviorlab@gmail.com.


Full-time Research Specialist Position, Georgetown UniversityNew Posting

Job Overview
The Research Specialist will work on NIH-funded studies that examine speech, language, reading, and cognitive abilities in left hemisphere stroke survivors and typical older adults. This includes recruiting, screening and consenting new participants; administering standardized and experimental tests; running MRI sessions; scoring research assessments; participating in outreach activities; processing and or analyzing data; supervising undergraduate research assistants; and contributing to research meetings and administration (e.g., IRB protocols). The Research Specialist will also have opportunities to analyze data, present findings at conferences, and contribute to publications.

Work Interactions
The Cognitive Recovery Lab at Georgetown University and MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital (PI: Peter Turkeltaub) aims to understand how language is organized in the brain, how this organization changes in the face of a brain injury, and how we might improve recovery. The primary focus of the lab’s research is aphasia or alexia resulting from stroke. Lab members include Research SLPs, Research Specialists and Post-docs, PhD and MD/PhD students, and Undergraduate and Graduate Research Assistants. See cognitiverecoverylab.com for more information about the lab.

Minimum requirements for the position include a Bachelor's degree, and prior research experience in cognitive psychology, neuroscience or another related field. Prior MRI research and experience working with people with aphasia are highly desirable. Individuals with programming experience, working knowledge of Matlab, EPrime, or R will be given preference. The candidate must be organized, personable, responsible, reliable, self-motivated, and efficient. The candidate must be comfortable working with patient populations. This is a full-time position with a minimum two-year commitment. Interested candidates should email a cover letter, CV, and contact information for 3 references using this form. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis.

Georgetown University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer.

Peter Turkeltaub. MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Georgetown University and MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital


Lab Coordinator, Northwestern University (ADAPT)New Posting

The Northwestern University Adolescent Development and Preventive Treatment (ADAPT) program is seeking applications for two lab managers.

Currently we are running a number of protocols with typically developing, prodromal syndrome and early psychosis populations focusing on biomarker, treatment, and scale development. Join our team and be involved with collecting and writing up data from any and all of these great and innovative multimodal studies. Please see our website for more details about the lab: http://www.adaptprogram.com.

The successful applicants will join a team of lab managers and project coordinators responsible for overseeing undergraduate research assistants, coordinating research projects (recruiting, scheduling, running participants), processing IRB protocols, and both processing and analyzing data. Competitive applicants will have had previous experience working or volunteering in a human research setting. Candidates from diverse or historical marginalized backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply. These are both ideal positions for someone interested in building more skills before applying for graduate school in the next few years. You will get in-depth experience in a multidisciplinary team, build data skills, publish papers, attend conferences and make connections with a number of different psychopathology research groups.

Details as well as information about the application process can be found at: https://www.northwestern.edu/hr/careers. Please click on “external applicants” (about halfway down the page, under “Find a Job” and then on the next page, search for job opening, Research Study Assistant # 47333 and apply). Please note, we are recruiting two managers, and while the positions are identical, its not possible to carry over applications from one position to the other. Please consider applying for both (the second position is Research Study Assistant # 47236.

For questions please contact Vijay Mittal (vijay.mittal@northwestern.edu). Review of applications will begin right away, and start date is flexible (falling anywhere between immediately and the early summer).


Full-time Research Assistant, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical SchoolNew Posting

We are currently looking to hire 1-2 full-time research assistants (RAs) to join us at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and assist with NIMH- and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention-funded studies aimed at improving short-term risk prediction for suicidal behavior in adolescents. We are particularly seeking candidates who demonstrate the character, integrity, and work ethic to excel in a collaborative work environment with a clinically sensitive population. Studies assessing proximal risk for suicidal behavior use computational methods to model neurocognitive markers and/or ambulatory indices (i.e., mobile technology including actigraphy, passive sensing of physiological arousal, passive sensing of social engagement and physical activity, and ecological momentary assessment) in psychiatrically hospitalized youth (see RF1MH120830, R01MH124899, R01MH115905, K23MH126168). Additional studies focus on employing computer vision to identify visual indicators of suicide risk among adolescents (R21MH127231, YIG-1-020-20). Our most recently funded study aims to examine how parent-child stress interactions may be associated with or protect against suicide risk in adolescents using automatic sensing of acoustic and visual behaviors (R21MH130767).

The RAs will work under the mentorship of Dr. Richard Liu and Dr. Taylor Burke at Massachusetts General Hospital. This position is particularly well suited for individuals seeking to gain research and clinical experience prior to graduate or medical school. RAs who demonstrate potential and excel in this position often have opportunities to receive mentorship on conducting independent research projects and grant-writing. More details about these opportunities and a list of our RAs' 1st author papers and extramural grants from their time in our lab may be found here.

Application information: The start date is summer 2023. Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and CV through this link. Any questions may be directed to Margarid Turnamian at mghmoodandbehaviorlab@gmail.com.


Part-time Research Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Gernsbacher Lab, directed by Dr. Morton Ann Gernsbacher, is seeking a part-time (50-75% appointment) Research Specialist to begin the Summer of 2023. The lab examines cognitive neuroscience, human attention, and  communication. Candidates should have a B.A. or B.S. in psychology or a related field; at least one year of experience in a research environment; experience with computer networks and Internet-based platforms (e.g., Qualtrics, Amazon webservices); working knowledge of statistical analysis software (e.g., SPSS or R) and minimal knowledge of database management (e.g., Excel); demonstrated ability to interact effectively with research personnel preferred. At least one year
of experience supervising others preferred.
Principal Duties include:

45% Assist Research Support & Development of New Studies

  • Oversee the development and implementation of research projects
  • Submit IRB protocols and renewals
  • Manage recruitment efforts
  • Contribute to data collection and analysis
  • Manage participant remuneration
  • Contribute to manuscript production
  • Administer and code research protocols
  • Create, review and revise lab protocols
  • Ensure secure data files, and secure backups
40% Administrative Lab Tasks
  • Serve as lab's primary contact
  • Supervise undergraduate research assistants and student hourlies
  • Manage all lab finances including cash advances, purchases, grants management, license and membership renewals, reimbursements, etc.
  • Assist with all ongoing research project efforts of Dr. Morton Ann Gernsbacher 
15% Research Liaison
  • Draft materials for new and existing projects
  • Maintain campus and community relationships and collaborations 
Interested applicants can email us for more information at gernsbacherlab@psych.wisc.edu.


Full-time Research Assistant, Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

Clinically Oriented Research Assistant in the Vanderbilt Psychotic Disorders Program

Full time research assistant needed to join the laboratory of Dr. Julia Sheffield within the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital focused on the study of psychotic disorders. Under direct supervision, the research assistant will be responsible for recruiting research subjects into various clinical research studies and assisting investigators in the collection and analysis of study data. 

In particular, the research assistant with help conduct a longitudinal study of delusions. This will require a desire to work directly with individuals who experience psychosis as well as excellent organizational and data management skills. The research assistant will also assist with a randomized-controlled trial (RCT) of a psychotherapy intervention for persecutory delusions, conducted within the psychotic disorders program. The research assistant will be responsible for performing psychiatric symptom interviews, administering cognitive tests, and carrying out neuroimaging study protocols.

The research assistant will be an integral part of the study team, will regularly attend clinical meetings and will assist with recruitment in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Additional responsibilities include assisting with the development of IRBs, database management, analysis of behavioral and brain imaging data, and assisting with manuscript preparation. 

The ideal candidate should be highly motivated and capable of working independently.  Individuals interested in mental health, the biological basis of mental disorders, and psychosocial clinical trials are especially encouraged to apply.  The position requires a high level of interpersonal skills, organization, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities.  It is ideal for individuals interested in pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology (or related field). Minimum qualifications include a Bachelors degree in psychology or a related field (e.g. neuroscience, human development).  Experience in a clinical research setting is highly desirable.  Training in clinical symptom interviewing methods, cognitive testing, and neuroimaging data analysis will be provided.

This position is a 2-year commitment. Please send resume and cover letter to: Julia.sheffield@vumc.org 


Full-time Data Analyst/Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 

We are a research lab at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Our research lab studies risk and protective factors for depression and suicide in late life. We are looking for someone who has strong quantitative skills, programming experience, some experience in psychology, and an interest in suicide research. The following skills are preferred. Programming Languages: R, Matlab, Python, or similar. Our data coordinator will oversee data management, data quality check, data training, assist in annual report submission to funding agencies, and collaborate with other investigators in the Department. Successful lab members get support with independent data projects that can lead to publications, and they also benefit from weekly meetings with statisticians. The start date is flexible. The selected individual can start anytime from the spring to the summer of 2023. They will also have the opportunity to obtain clinical skills and administer psychological assessments based on interests.

You can find more descriptions of our lab, and how to apply in the link below. Let me know what other information you may need for the posting!  http://gsuicide.pitt.edu/szanto_join.html


Research Assistant, The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research 

The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research (NKI) is seeking a Research Assistant to work on projects investigating brain function and behavior in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders under the direction of Dr. Emily Stern. The person in this position will be involved in organizing and running an NIH-funded fMRI project investigating heterogeneity in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Assistance with other behavioral and neuroimaging studies being run by the investigator will also be expected. Main duties involve recruiting and screening research participants, and running them in psychological experiments both in and out of an MRI scanner. The person will also be involved in data organization and management, data analysis, and administrative lab duties, including assisting with grant and IRB applications and budgeting. The position is intended to start in the Spring/Summer of 2023 and a two-year commitment is requested.

This is an excellent position for a recent college graduate who wants to obtain research experience in preparation for graduate school. In addition to the primary responsibilities listed below, there would be opportunity for a motivated individual to be involved in aspects of study design and/or scientific presentations and publications.

NKI is a research facility of the New York State Office of Mental Health, one of only two state-funded research institutes in the U.S. dedicated entirely to investigating biological mechanisms and treatments for psychiatric disorders. NKI was founded in 1952 by Dr. Nathan Kline, whose pioneering research into psychopharmacological management of schizophrenia and major depression revolutionized treatments for serious mental illness. The named investigators are part of the Clinical Research Department (CRD) and Center for Biomedical Imaging and Neuromodulation (CBIN) at NKI, which contains several investigators, trainees, and staff working on studies examining treatments and biomarkers in a variety of psychiatric disorders. NKI’s academic affiliate is the New York University School of Medicine (NYUSoM) located in midtown Manhattan, and investigators and trainees at NKI have access to many of NYUSoM’s research tools and resources. NKI is located in suburban Rockland County, home to many beautiful hiking and cycling trails overlooking the Hudson River. Located approximately 20 miles north of New York City in Orangeburg, New York, NKI is a short drive away from Westchester County, northeastern New Jersey, and northern points in Manhattan. This is an in-person position that is not readily accessible via public transportation, thus access to transportation (i.e., a car) is necessary.

Duties of the position include:

  • Carry out extensive recruitment of patients for research studies, including posting study advertisements, engaging in outreach activities to increase awareness of the study and facilitate recruitment, conducting phone screens and in-person or virtual screenings
  • Administration of clinical interviews including the SCID, MINI, and C-SSRS
  • Run subjects in behavioral and brain imaging studies
  • Enter, manage, organize, and analyze data using RedCap, Microsoft Excel, and SPSS
  • Assist in the programming of experimental tasks using E-prime and/or PsychoPy
  • Maintain detailed database of subject information and participation, with particular sensitivity to issues of privacy, confidentiality, and informed consent
  • Prepare and maintain IRB applications and help with grant applications
  • Assist with grant budgeting and the preparation of new grant applications
  • Literature reviews and summaries as necessary
  • Maintain and order lab supplies, work with business office and other administrative offices to manage resources
  • Train volunteers and junior lab members as necessary


  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, or a related field.
  • Minimum of one year of experience in conducting in-person human subjects research.
  • Computer literacy: proficiency using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook. Comfort with both PC and Mac environments.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; this position entails heavy interaction with the public, and the applicant should be comfortable and enjoy interacting with patients and members of diverse NYC-area populations.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Effective time management skills and ability to work well under pressure.
  • Exceptional organization skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work and make decisions both independently and collaboratively with the study team.
  • Interest in psychology, psychiatry, and/or cognitive neuroscience.

        Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. RAs would be employed by the Research Foundation for Mental Health (RFMH), which offers a full benefits package with medical and dental benefits.
       To apply please send a cover letter, CV/resume, and the names and contact information for 3 references to Nicolette Recchia at pnclab@nki.rfmh.org.


Full-time Research Specialist, University of PittsburghNew Posting

Research Specialist Position
Decision Neuroscience and Psychopathology Lab (www.dnpl.pitt.edu)
University of Pittsburgh
Director: Alex Dombrovski
PIs: Tim Allen, Vanessa Brown, Aliona Tsypes

We are seeking to hire several full-time Research Specialists to start as early as April 1, 2023 (though start date is flexible). The candidate will work on several NIH-supported studies of learning and decision-making processes in personality disorders, depression, anxiety and suicide. Our lab uses behavioral experiments, computational modeling, fMRI, and EEG. We take a dimensional, transdiagnostic view of psychopathology, yet experienced clinicians on our team train staff in traditional clinical interviews and conduct consensus conferences. Research Specialists assist with the implementation and administration of our protocols. Core responsibilities include, but are not limited to data collection, data management, participant recruitment and retention, and lab administration. Opportunities to contribute to reinforcement learning modeling and analysis of behavioral and neuroimaging data are also available, contingent upon the applicant’s interest. Prior experience in these latter areas, while advantageous, is not required (we provide the necessary training). The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal and quantitative skills, programming experience, some experience in psychology or neuroscience research, and an interest in clinical applications of cognitive neuroscience.

The following skills are preferred: experience with psychopathology and behavioral assessment; programming (R, Python, Matlab, Bash or similar); [f]MRI processing and analysis (FSL, AFNI, SPM). The lab environment is collaborative, and staff acquire a variety of technical skills and a rich theoretical foundation. Successful lab members get support with independent data projects, such as conference presentations and manuscript preparation. This is an excellent position for those interested in obtaining research experience prior to graduate (e.g., clinical psychology) or medical school.


Required: BA/BS in neuroscience, psychology, engineering, economics, statistics, math, or any relevant science field.
Given the extensive training required, a 2- or 3-year commitment is preferred. To apply, please submit a CV, cover letter that describes research interests, and a list of three references to Amy Lu (Luqu2@upmc.edu). Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the positions have been filled. We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions or any other characteristic protected by law.

Please visit the lab website at www.dnpl.pitt.edu for additional information.  


Full-time Research Coordinator/Lab Manager, University of Pennsylvania 



Full-time position in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania: The Boundaries of Anxiety and Depression Lab is seeking a full-time research coordinator to manage the daily activities of the lab and assist with all stages of clinical research. Our research focuses on normal and abnormal experiences of worry, anxiety, depression, and stress, with particular emphasis on predicting and explaining the co-occurrence of anxiety and depressive disorders. The candidate will work directly with Professor Ayelet Ruscio in planning and overseeing a variety of research projects in our dynamic and supportive lab. Responsibilities include: participant recruitment and screening, data collection, data management and analysis, literature reviews, assisting with manuscript and grant preparation, and coordinating the work of undergraduate research assistants in the lab. The candidate will have a meaningful role in designing and carrying out clinical studies and will receive mentoring and opportunities for professional development. Interested individuals will have the chance to learn advanced statistical skills, co-author publications, present at conferences, and pursue research of their own design. This is an ideal position for graduating seniors who would like to strengthen their preparation and competitiveness for graduate school in clinical psychology or a related field. For more information about our lab, please see http://web.sas.upenn.edu/ruscio-lab/


We seek a highly conscientious, organized, detail-oriented, and self-motivated individual who will have a Bachelor’s degree by August 2023. Majoring in psychology, previous research experience, and knowledge of SPSS are a plus, but not required. We look forward to working with a candidate who enjoys learning, is enthusiastic and hardworking, and is committed to pursuing graduate study in psychology or a related field. A two-year commitment is preferred, ideally beginning in June or July 2023.


To apply, please submit a cover letter, a vita/resume, unofficial transcript(s) from all undergraduate/graduate institutions attended, and contact information for at least two references to Careers@Penn. Questions may be sent to Joe Friedman, assistant to Dr. Ruscio, at josebfri@sas.upenn.edu or (215) 573-4007. 


Full-time Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

The Laboratory of Affective Sensory Research (LASR: https://www.casciolab.com/) directed by Dr. Carissa Cascio at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is recruiting a full-time postbaccalaureate research assistant. This position is responsible for supporting multiple research projects in the lab, inclusive of NIH-funded projects, related to sensory processing in individuals with autism. LASR research utilizes psychological and psychophysiological assessment and functional and structural neuroimaging to investigate sensory processing. This postbacc position provides an opportunity for recent graduates to strengthen their research and communication skills in preparation for applying to graduate programs. Specific responsibilities for this position may include: data management, analysis, and coordinating data sharing; running experimental tasks; participant recruitment, screening, and scheduling; administrating psychological assessments; assisting with Institutional Review Board applications and other research progress reports; and managing general administration for the LASR. 

Applicant requirements include holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in psychology, neuroscience, computer science, statistics, engineering, or a related quantitative field. Previous experience with EEG and/or EKG research, including collection of and/or pre-processing or analyzing EEG/EKG data, is highly desirable. The ideal candidate will possess strong technical and/or coding skills (relevant languages/environments include Matlab, Python, and R). Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and superior analytic and organizational skills, are required. Special consideration will be given to Spanish-speaking applicants. 

The LASR laboratory is housed in the Department of Psychiatry and it is imbedded in a multidisciplinary research program, the Psychiatry Autism Research Team (PART), that focuses on basic and clinical research related to autism with strong collaborations throughout an active university medical center. The lab has strong ties to the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, the Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science, and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development.  The Vanderbilt campus is in Nashville, TN, which was ranked in the top 15 best places to live in 2019 according to U.S. News and World Report. Vanderbilt University was ranked among the top 100 places to work in the country (Forbes Magazine), with excellent career development opportunities.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and adheres to the parameters of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended, we will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourage both prospective and current employees to discuss potential reasonable accommodations with us. 

The anticipated start date for this position is Summer 2023. Interested candidates should email their intent to apply, cover letter, and CV to Dr. Carissa Cascio at carissa.cascio@vumc.org.


Full-time Research Coordinator, Florida International University

Research Coordinator I
Close Date: 03/15/2023
Job ID: 528770
To apply, please go to https://hr.fiu.edu/careers/ and apply to Job ID: 528770

Job Summary

The Center for Children and Families, a University interdisciplinary center at Florida International University (FIU), has 44 faculty associates and more than 100 trainees in masters, doctoral, and professional programs across three colleges four colleges (Arts, Sciences & Education, Medicine, and Public Health,) who study child and adolescent mental health and typical development. The CCF has a tripartite mission that includes research, education, and service and it operates a world-renowned, multi-disciplinary clinic where state of the art, evidence-based treatments are offered to children and families from birth through high school. We offer both group and individual services for a variety of mental health conditions, including ADHD, anxiety, autism, and depression. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other grant funding to the CCF exceeds $14 million annually.

Assists the research investigators by scheduling and administering remote assessments, including structured family observations, of research participants according to established protocols. Assists with coordination of participant recruitment, data collection and management, and scheduling of study sessions.

  • Oversees data collection and data management
  • Assists the Principal Investigator in short and long-range resource planning for the project.
  • Recommends changes on policy and procedures as necessary.
  • Assists in coordinating recruitment for clinical studies. Completes screening interviews of potential participants. Interacts with Spanish-speaking individuals.
  • Coordinates with families to schedule remote-based evaluations at study assessment points.
  • Administers and scores research instruments, psychological tests, and structured family observations to subject participants in person and via phone according to established protocols.
  • Organizes paper work and collects data from participants and study staff. Verifies all completed forms and contacts families to clarify information and collect missing information.
  • Provides support to facilitate recruitment, scheduling, and data management, as needed.
  • Codes remote-based family interaction assessments.
  • Manages a small team of volunteers to assist with remote assessments.
  • Manages and tracks the distribution of gift card of project's participants.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree and two (2) years of experience.

Departmental Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology or a related field.
  • Previous experience working with children and families

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience and familiarity with ethnically-diverse populations preferred.
  • Bilingual (Spanish) preferred

Job Category

  • Administrative

Advertised Salary

  • $36,000 - $37,000


Full-time Project Coordinator and Two Research Assisstant Positions, Temple University 

The Mood and Cognition Lab directed by Dr. Lauren B. Alloy in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Temple University is hiring both a Project Coordinator and several Research Assistants starting Summer 2023. The positions primarily will support two NIMH-funded R01 grants on an integrative reward-inflammation model of first onset of major depression in adolescence and an integrative reward-circadian rhythm model of first onset of bipolar spectrum disorder in adolescence, respectively. The projects include monetary and social reward function (self-report, behavioral, fMRI), inflammation for the depression project (serological assays), circadian rhythm function for the bipolar project (saliva sampling for melatonin assays),  diagnostic and symptom measures of depression and bipolar disorder and other psychopathology, life events, early adversity, cognitive styles and function, actigraphy, substance use, diet, sleep assessments, and ecological momentary assessment. Successful candidates for both positions will have the opportunity to engage in every stage of the research process, including implementation of new research protocols, recruitment and screening of potential adolescent participants, collecting, managing, and analyzing data, as well as co-authoring publications and conference presentations (including with already collected data from Dr. Alloy's previous NIMH-funded mood disorder projects). These positions are excellent opportunities for individuals seeking to gain research and clinical experience prior to graduate study in clinical psychology or related programs.  

Required Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree in Psychology or related field, and at least two years (Project Coordinator) or one year (Research Assistant) of experience with projects involving human participants in a research setting. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered. 

  • Demonstrated computer skills, and proficiency with MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel. 
  • Willingness to be trained and certified as a phlebotomist. 
  • Willingness to be trained and certified to conduct MRI scans. 
  • Demonstrated organizational and problem-solving skills. 
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task and work under tight deadlines. 
  • Demonstrated leadership, interpersonal, communication, and collaborative skills, including the ability to interact with a diverse constituent population, as well as adolescents. 
  • Demonstrated professional demeanor and sensitivity towards research participants. 
  • Ability to work evenings or weekends, as required. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working with adolescents and/or clinical populations. 
  • Experience leading teams and/or overseeing project systems and data (for Proj. Coord.). 
  • Experience conducting diagnostic interviews. 
  • Phlebotomy experience and/or certification. 
  • Experience conducting or assisting with MRI scans. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work with data programs (e.g., RedCap; SPSS; R; MATLAB; SPM, EPrime). 
  • Experience preprocessing MRI or actigraphy data. 

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions have been filled. The earliest start date for both positions is May 1, 2023. Successful candidates must be able to conduct in-person research. 
Interested applicants should send a cover letter and a CV (with references) directly to Dr. Lauren Alloy at lalloy@temple.edu and Jeneen Bryant at jeneen.bryant@temple.edu   


Full-time Post-baccalaureate Research Associate, University of Maryland

Dr. Lea Dougherty (University of Maryland – College Park) is seeking to hire a full-time post-baccalaureate research associate for NIMH-funded research project examining neural mechanisms of youth irritability. The project includes new data collection in young children (collected at San Diego State University with co-PI Dr. Jillian Wiggins) as well as use of the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study data. We use functional and structural MRI methods. You can find out more about the project at my lab website (https://bead-lab.org) as well as Dr. Wiggin’s lab website (https://tendlab.sdsu.edu/).

Successful candidates should have completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology or related discipline and have a keen attention to detail and strong organization, problem-solving, and analytic skills. Prior background in psychology and development is also a plus but not required. We seek an individual who is motivated, ambitious, and prepared for a hands-on research experience. Responsibilities will include: (1) behavioral coding of child and parent behavior (e.g., child temperament, parent-child interactions); (2) training and supervising undergraduate students; (3) clinical interviewing; (4) contributing to administrative duties of the lab; (5) assisting with research protocols and compliance; and (6) coordinating studies with lab teams across sites. The position will offer opportunities for manuscript writing and data analysis.

The position start dates are flexible (ideally June 2023). Review of applications will start in February 2023 and continue until the position has been filled. Renewal of contract is contingent on performance and funding. Interested individuals should email a cover letter, CV, and names and contact information of 3 references to Grace Messina at gmessina@umd.edu with the subject line “Research Associate - LASTNAME.” Please include all documents in a single pdf file and include your last name in the file (i.e., “LASTNAME.pdf”).


Service Year Program, Casa de Esperanza

Want to make a difference in the lives of young children?

Casa de Esperanza seeks applicants for the Hands of Hope Service Year Program.  Casa de Esperanza provides residential foster care to children ages birth through six who are in crisis due to abuse, neglect or the effects of HIV.  For a complete description visit:  https://www.casahope.org/hands-of-hope-service-year-1.  Our application can be found at:  https://www.casahope.org/application-part-one

For more information, please contact Darean Talmadge 713-529-0639 dtalmadge@casahope.org


Research Coordinator, University of Washington

Our team, under supervision of Dr. Maria Bleil, is currently hiring for a research coordinator position. We work with moms and their 5-8 year old children, many of whom speak primarily Spanish so we are seeking a research coordinator who is fluent in Spanish. Please apply if you have an interest in the position and believe that you would be a good fit, regardless of if you meet every required qualification. 

The University of Washington School of Nursing has an outstanding opportunity for a part time 50%FFTE Research Coordinator. This position is half-time during the first approximately 2 months of training, and then will become full-time. Working in a research team under the leadership of the Principal Investigators and Project Director, this part-time (50% FTE) Research Coordinator position will play a critical role in the implementation, maintenance, and overall management of several complex data collection protocols as a part of an NIH-funded, longitudinal research project. This project will recruit approximately 250 English- and Spanish-speaking mother-child dyads who previously participated in a study in which half of the study families received a parenting-focused intervention. The current study is a follow-up study designed to test whether this parenting intervention (delivered in infancy) had a positive impact on the subsequent health of the mother-child dyads. If we learn that this parenting program has benefits that extend to physical health, it could be offered to families more broadly.

Roles and Responsibilities

Implementing and maintaining complex in-person data collection protocols as well as performing follow-up tasks

·  Developing, implementing, and maintaining quality assurance/improvement tasks related to the data collection protocols;

·  Performing data management tasks, including data review, scoring, reduction, merging, and the construction of data sets for in-depth analysis by research team members;

·  Planning, executing, and maintaining subject recruitment protocols, including screening and scheduling on-campus visits and follow-up tasks;

·  Performing supporting activities related to the data collection protocols (e.g., driving study families to and from on-campus study visits);

·  Preparing information needed for IRB modification applications, NIH progress reports, and scientific presentations and publications


·  Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences or other research-related field relevant to the study (e.g., nursing, pre-med, public health, health psychology, epidemiology).

·  2-3 years of relevant work experience involving: excellent interpersonal skills working with individuals from diverse race/ethnic backgrounds, experience working with families/children, experience implementing human subjects data collection protocols, especially involving health-focused assessments and the manipulation of biological specimens, and demonstrated strong communication, organizational, and technical skills, as well as team-based skills necessary to work in a collaborative research environment.

·  Ability to speak/read English and Spanish conversationally.

*Work experience may substitute for educational requirement

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except when there are legal requirements, such as a license/certification/registration.

The job posting can be found at this link and the REQ# is 218600 on UW Hires. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at Jpander1@uw.edu.


Full-time Research Coordinator, University of Georgia 

We are seeking to hire 3 full-time research coordinators to work in the Clinical Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Georgia. 

These positions are perfect for individuals looking to become more competitive before applying for clinical psychology or neuroscience PhD programs. 

The coordinators will be responsible for day to day project duties, such as recruitment, clinical interviewing, neuropsychological testing, administering fMRI tasks, data management, and processing. Skills to be learned on the job will be beneficial for grad school preparation  (eg administration of fMRI tasks and processing/analyzing fMRI data, clinical interviewing, statistics, coding in R etc) and the coordinator will have opportunities to publish papers/make conference presentations to become more competitive for grad school. Salary is $45k per year, with an expectation of a minimum 2 year commitment. Start date is flexible, with a range from March to July, 2023. Individuals graduating spring 2023 are eligible to apply.

Funding for these positions comes from multiple NIH grants. 

The first is the Psychosis Risk Outcomes Network (ProNet) U01 grant which is a 26 site study that aims to identify factors predicting conversion to psychosis using a range of methods (eg, clinical scales, eeg, mri, neuropsychological tests, blood and saliva biomarkers, digital phenotyping). Two coordinators will manage data collection for the UGA site.

The second is an R61/33 grant that examines whether a novel mobile intervention for emotion regulation improves symptoms and functional outcome in outpatients with schizophrenia via a direct mechanistic effect on the prefrontal cortex. 

The third is an R01 grant titled "Computerized assessment of psychosis risk" which aims to develop a novel task based risk prediction algorithm based on cognitive neuroscience and computational modeling.

The fourth is an R01 grant for the Georgia and Illinois Negative Symptom Study (GAINS) which aims to develop and validate novel clinical interview and digital phenotyping assessments of negative symptoms in youth at clinical high risk for psychosis.

More information about our lab can be found at:  https://ugacanlab.com

and our lab newsletter: https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/78ca6852-3784-4127-845e-4b106ef2ef86/downloads/UGA%20CANLAB%20Newsletter%202022.pdf?ver=1676846149291

The links to apply are located here:


Interested individuals can also feel free to email me at gstrauss@uga.edu with any questions. Thank you!


Full-time Post-baccalaureate Research Coordinator, Temple University

We are seeking a full-time post-baccalaureate research coordinator to supervise and coordinate data collection and overall study conduct for an NIMH R01, Acute Predictors of Long-term Post-trauma Outcomes in Youth Victims of Violence. The appointment is in the Affective Neuroscience Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, directed by Christine Larson, PhD. The research associate will work under the supervision of Dr. Larson and Mike Levas, MD of the Medical College of Wisconsin Pediatric Emergency Department.

In this study youth (ages 10-17) who experienced a trauma recruited from the Children’s Wisconsin Emergency Department. Data will be collected at 2 weeks, 3 months, and 12 months post-trauma and each time point will include structural and functional MRI, self-report and interview assessment, and additional cognitive and behavioral testing. The research coordinator will be responsible for managing all aspects of data collection with the youth and a parent, including training and supervising volunteer research assistants, programming tasks, maintaining and updating data collection protocols, assisting with data collection, overseeing management of collected data, assisting with data analysis, and other study and laboratory tasks as needed.

Qualified applicants will have a bachelor’s degree at the time of beginning the position in a relevant academic field,  experience conducting human subjects research, strong interpersonal skills, and ideally experience with neuroimaging and/or working with youth.

Learn more at http://milwaukeetrauma.com/ and https://uwmlarsonlab.org/.

To apply please send a CV to Christine Larson, larsoncl@uwm.edu.


Full-time Research Assistant, University of Chicago 

Research Assistant: Cognition and Emotion Neuroscience Lab
Dr. Sarah Keedy, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Chicago

A full-time research assistant (RA) position is available at the University of Chicago. The job provides support for scientific research projects focused on neurocognitive aspects of psychiatric disorders and potential targeted treatments. There is focus on schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder; also effects of substances of abuse.

Assists in coordination of study, analysis of data, and drafting presentations on research findings. Responsibilities: Performs a variety of analyses of neuroimaging (functional and structural MRI, high-density EEG) data as part of psychiatric and related fields research program. Assists with study design, implementation, and data acquisition, including cognitive task programming, scoring, coordination of research participant study visits. Assists with administrative tasks related to studies. Assists in analysis of data and with preparation of reports, manuscripts and other documents. To apply:  https://uchicago.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/External/job/Research-Assistant_JR19161


Full-time Research Lab Coordinator, University of Iowa 

The Developmental Psychopathology Lab at the University of Iowa (Director: Dr. Isaac Petersen) is looking for a full-time research lab coordinator to assist in research studies examining the mechanisms in the development of externalizing behavior problems (e.g., aggression, conduct problems), self-regulation, and school readiness in young children, with special emphasis on neural mechanisms (EEG/ERP). The current lab coordinator was just admitted to a Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology! The position involves fully in-person work. Responsibilities include participant recruitment and retention, scheduling, data management and analysis, coordination of research assistants, conducting batteries of neural and behavioral testing with children, and performing other research and administrative tasks as coordinator of the research team. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related discipline, substantial research or work experience with young children, and experience using software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. Experience with R is highly desirable but not required. Experience with EEG/ERP is desirable but not required. Experience with computer software such as REDCap and E-Prime is desirable but not required. We are looking for someone who can commit to the position for 2 years. The initial appointment will be for one year beginning in Spring or Summer 2023, with the possibility of renewal for a 2nd year depending on performance and available funding.

To apply, please fill out the online application (including resume/CV, a letter of interest, writing sample, and transcripts) at the following link: https://uiowa.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4SFCZbFsJKT1GCx

For more information about the position, see the attached job posting (https://developmental-psychopathology.lab.uiowa.edu/hiring), or contact: devpsy-lab@uiowa.edu


Full-time research Assistant, Yale  University

Candidates are being considered for a research assistant position to support the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study (https://abcdstudy.org/; ABCD) Yale site. The ABCD Study focuses on a cohort of nearly 12,000 participants who were 9 to 10 years old at baseline and are currently being followed for 10 years. Youths and their families provide rich details about their environmental experiences and undergo extensive phenotypic, cognitive, genetic, emotional, health, and neuroimaging assessments. The ABCD Study site at Yale is located within the Department of Psychology (http://psychology.yale.edu/) at Yale University and works with over 600 families per year.

Primary responsibilities include working with adolescents and their caregivers in a research setting; scheduling and communicating with participants; administering assessments and acquiring data (behavioral, questionnaire, MRI, biosamples); managing data; performing administrative duties; and working closely with the broader team and Principal Investigators (Drs. Arielle Baskin-Sommers, Dylan Gee, and BJ Casey).  

Yale University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative-Action Employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, citizenship status, Vietnam era or special disabled veteran’s status, or sexual orientation.

For additional information, contact Dr. Arielle Baskin-Sommers (arielle.baskin-sommers@yale.edu) or Dr. Dylan Gee (dylan.gee@yale.edu). To apply, please email a cover letter, CV or resume, and the names and contact information for three references. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.


Research Coordinator, Rutgers University 

The Hamilton Lab directed by Dr. Jessica L. Hamilton in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University is hiring a Research Coordinator/Assistant to join us starting June 2023!  The Hamilton Lab conducts research on adolescent self-injurious thoughts and behaviors, with a focus on the risk and protective roles of social media use and sleep. The position will primarily support an ongoing NIMH-funded study using innovative ambulatory methods (ecological momentary assessment, actigraphy, and smartphone sensing) and clinical interviews to investigate social media and sleep disruption in suicide risk among adolescents with diverse identities and backgrounds. The coordinator will also be involved in ongoing research focused on adolescents’ experiences on social media and development of a sleep intervention. In this position, the coordinator will have the opportunity to engage in every stage of the research process, including initiation and implementation of new research ideas and protocols, collecting, managing and analyzing data, as well as oversee daily laboratory activities and supervise a team of undergraduates. The lab has a strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, which the coordinator will contribute to through science communication efforts, community outreach, and mentorship of undergraduate students and high school students on our youth advisory board. We are seeking applicants who are organized, creative, excellent at problem-solving, excited to contribute to and build the lab culture, and passionate about conducting research that impacts the community. This position is an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to gain research and clinical experience prior to graduate study in clinical psychology or related programs.  

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Research responsibilities will include (but are not limited to): coordinating data collection and management; participant recruitment and tracking; conducting study assessments and clinical interviews; interfacing with adolescent participants and their families; assisting in the development and execution of study and lab protocols; maintaining and communicating with the IRB and other administrative bodies; assisting with research reports and procedures; assisting with management of study budgets.

Lab responsibilities will include (but are not limited to): hiring and training a team of undergraduate students; supervision and task delegation of undergraduate lab members; coordinating lab schedules; co-leading lab meetings and trainings; and overseeing community outreach projects and science communication efforts.
Based on interest and suitability, there will likely be opportunities to conduct independent research, submit presentations to and attend conferences, prepare manuscripts for publication, and assist with grant applications.  


Required: A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or a related field (e.g., public health, pre-med) is required. The successful candidate will also have strong writing and verbal skills; excellent interpersonal skills; demonstrate strong organizational, leadership, and time-management skills with attention to detail; proficiency in managing multiple tasks; and working both independently as well as with a team; proficiency in word processing and Excel. One year of prior research experience is required (including as a volunteer or student), preferably in a psychology lab or other clinical sciences. 

Preferred: Experience interfacing with children and adolescents, preferably in clinical settings. Experience with or desire to gain skills related to data management, statistical software (e.g., R, SPSS), survey development and implementation (e.g., Qualtrics), and coding. Ideal candidate will also have prior leadership experience for at least a year, which can include experience in a student organization, and be interested in a 2-year commitment for this position. 

If you think you are a good fit for the position, please apply regardless of whether you meet all (or most) of the qualifications!  You might be thinking that you are not qualified (and studies show that women, persons of color, and those from lower SES backgrounds are less likely to apply for positions unless they meet all qualifications). However, you should apply if you believe you have skills that are relevant (even if not exact), and you are passionate about clinical science and being part of a team that conducts and disseminates meaningful research. 

Application information :

The start date is early June 2023. Review of applications will begin February 20th and continue until the position has been filled. Please note that the COVID-19 vaccine is required to be on campus at Rutgers, which is available to all faculty, staff, and students on campus. Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and CV (with references) through the following link: 

Apply for The Hamilton Lab here!

For additional information, please visit the lab website at www.thehamiltonlab.org or contact Dr. Hamilton at Jessica.hamilton@rutgers.edu.  Please note that all emails should be sent to Rutgers.edu email above (not gmail). 


Full-time Research Assistant, Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research 

The Clinical Research Department at the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research (NKI) in Orangeburg, NY invites applications for a Research Assistant position. Our research involves clinical trials and investigations into the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, neurocognitive disorders, and mood disorders. The RA will work on an experienced multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and research nurses. They will coordinate studies on schizophrenia and cognitive impairment, and depression, under the supervision of Drs. Dan Iosifescu and Matthew Hoptman. This is an excellent opportunity for obtaining research and clinical experience prior to applying for graduate or medical school. NKI fosters a collaborative environment where research assistants have the opportunity to gain excellent clinical and research experience, with the potential for publication.  

Job Duties:

  • Coordinating clinical trials and/or imaging studies in Schizophrenia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Major Depressive Disorder
  • Conducting community outreach, recruitment, and screening, and documenting the informed consent process
  • Managing day to day activities of the study including scheduling, problem solving, communication and protocol adherence
  • Conducting clinical interviews and administering self-report scales
  • Performing medical tasks such as measuring vital signs, drawing blood, and administering EKGs
  • Conducting neuropsychological testing with participants with memory impairment
  • Schedule, prepare for, and assist with fMRI scanning
  • Data management including data entry, reviewing data for completeness and accuracy
  • Preparing progress and other reports for sponsors and other quality assurance/ethics oversight
  • Assisting in the preparation of grant proposals, manuscripts, other professional presentations
  • Assisting in preparation and maintaining regulatory documents and IRB submissions
  • Other technical and administrative support activities may be assigned

Job Qualifications:

  • BS/BA in psychology or related field
  • Two-year commitment required
  • Prior research experience required
  • Reliable transportation required
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to details
  • Clinical and/or research experience with psychiatric or medical populations is preferred
  • Willing to complete a phlebotomy certification course and perform blood-draws
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Comfort in interacting with adult research participants
  • Ability to work independently following initial instruction
  • Ability to work on a multi-disciplinary team

This position would begin in the Summer of 2023.
The salary for this position is $41,200 and includes benefits.
We encourage all historically underrepresented groups in STEM to apply!
If you are interested, please send a CV/resume and cover letter to Kathryn Evans at kathryn.evans@Nki.rfmh.org. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Full-time Research Assistant, Binghamton University (SUNY) 

The Binghamton Mood Disorders Institute at Binghamton University (depression.binghamton.edu) is seeking to hire 1-2 full-time Research Assistants to start as soon as June 1, 2023.  This is a full-time grant-funded position to assist with an NIMH-funded project examining mechanisms of risk for the intergenerational transmission of depression during the transition from childhood to adolescence.  Duties will include coordinating participant recruitment, preparation of study materials, and conducting participant assessments (diagnostic and life events interviews, computer-based and mobile eye tracking, psychophysiology, EEG/ERPs, etc.).  The research assistant will also have opportunities to co-author scientific papers and journal articles.  Salary will be $33,800 per year plus health insurance.

Qualifications include a BA/BS in psychology or other scientific field, including coursework in research methods and/or statistics.  Successful candidates will demonstrate a conscientious work style and strong interpersonal skills. Candidates with experience with eye tracking, EEG/ERP, psychophysiological assessments, and/or structured diagnostic interviewing are particularly encouraged to apply.  This is an excellent position for a college graduate who is interested in gaining additional research experience before going on to graduate study in clinical psychology.

Please click here to view the posting and to apply online. If your email system does not support links, please cut and paste the following text in a web browser: https://rfbu.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp?JOBID=158793&type=7

For questions, feel free to call Dr. Gibb at (607) 777-2511 or e-mail him at bgibb@binghamton.edu


Full-time Lab Manager, University of Michigan 

The Neuroscience of Mind & Behavior Lab (PI: Dr. Anne Krendl; https://krendlab.sitehost.iu.edu) at Indiana University, Bloomington is seeking a full-time lab manager to work on NIA-funded research on social cognition and aging. 

The project incorporates behavioral and neuroimaging methodologies. The lab manager will be primarily responsible for recruiting and testing healthy older adults, overseeing IRB protocols, supervising undergraduate research assistants, and coordinating research efforts with our team in Indianapolis. The lab manager will receive formal training in administering neuropsychological assessments, and learn how to conduct fMRI research. The lab manager will have opportunities to earn authorship on publications and present posters at scientific meetings.  

This is an ideal position for a candidate looking to gain research experience before applying to graduate or medical school. The position requires a bachelor’s degree in psychology, neuroscience, or a related field.  The ideal candidate will have experience working with people either in research or more applied settings, good interpersonal and organizational skills, interests in conducting aging research, and the ability work independently. No licenses or certificates are necessary. Applicants who intend to spend a minimum of 2 years in the position will be preferred. 

The target start date for this position is Summer 2023, although the exact date is flexible. Salary is commensurate with experience, and includes health benefits. 

To apply, please email a CV, a cover letter that includes a proposed start date, and the names and contact information for 3 references to Dr. Krendl at akrendl@indiana.edu. Review of applications will begin immediately.

Indiana University is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a commitment to racial, cultural, and gender diversity.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


Full-time Lab Coordinator, University of Michigan 

How to Apply: A cover letter is required for consideration for this position and should be attached as the first page of your resume. The cover letter should address your specific interest in the position and outline skills and experience that directly relate to this position. Job post at https://careers.umich.edu/job_detail/229893/lab-coordinator

Summary: The Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the University of Michigan, directed by Dr. Thad Polk, is seeking a full-time Lab Coordinator to help facilitate research in the lab. The successful candidate will work with lab members (including post-doctoral fellows and students) on all aspects of the lab’s operations: implementing experiments, recruiting and scheduling participants, running participants through experiments, advertising, website maintenance, purchasing, preparing figures, etc. For more information about the lab, please visit http://polklab.psych.lsa.umich.edu

The review of applications will begin on 3/1/23 and will continue until the position is filled.


Include but are not limited to:

  • Implementing experiments
  • Running participants through experiments
  • Data entry, organization, and analysis
  • Recruiting and scheduling participants
  • Assisting other lab members with their work
  • Handling interactions with the Institutional Review Boards
  • Preparing figures, purchasing, and advertising

Required Qualifications*

  • High school diploma or Associate’s degree
  • 1 year of experience
  • Strong technical skills (e.g., data analysis and/or programming)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills

Desired Qualifications*

  • Degree in psychology, neuroscience, computer science, or a related field

Additional Information

This position is contingent on the availability of funding and is term-limited to 1 year with the possibility of renewal. 
Ideally, this position will start sometime between May 1, 2023, and July 1, 2023.
As one of the world’s great liberal arts colleges, LSA pushes the boundaries of what is understood about the human experience and the natural world, and we foster the next generation of rigorous and empathetic thinkers, creators, and contributors to the state of Michigan, the nation, and the world.
To learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion in LSA, please visit lsa.umich.edu/lsa/dei.
To learn more about LSA’s Mission, Vision and Values, please visit lsa.umich.edu/strategicvision.

Background Screening

The University of Michigan conducts background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent offer and may use a third party administrator to conduct background checks.  Background checks are performed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Application Deadline

Job openings are posted for a minimum of seven calendar days.  The review and selection process may begin as early as the eighth day after posting. This opening may be removed from posting boards and filled anytime after the minimum posting period has ended.

If you have further questions, please contact current lab managers: Violet Zhou (violetz@umich.edu) or Esther Kim (kesther@umich.edu) for more information.


Full-time Clinical Research Assistant, The McLean Hospital Division of Psychotic Disorders 

The Position:  The McLean Hospital Division of Psychotic Disorders in Belmont, MA is seeking a full-time Clinical Research Assistant (RA). The RA works under the supervision of a Senior RA, Manager, or Principal Investigator (Julie M. McCarthy, PhD), primarily assisting with research activities related to NIDA clinical research assessing telehealth interventions for families with substance use and/or early psychosis. Study participants may include people with psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder (inpatient, outpatient, residential), their family members, and/or healthy controls. Responsibilities include:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Recruiting and evaluating participants for studies, scheduling study visits;
  • Collecting and monitoring participant data, such as clinical interviews, self-report measures, biological assessments, video recordings, etc.;
  • Onboarding and training junior staff and/or student volunteers;
  • Assisting in all aspects of project conduct (IRB , data management, ensuring of quality, regulatory issue, study documentation, preparing reports, poster presentations, and manuscripts, etc.).

Eligibility for the Position:  Candidates should have a background and interest in psychology and have experience with clinical research, preferably involving clinical trials, psychosis, or substance use disorders. Bachelor’s degree as of May 2023. Other requirements include:

  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize a variety of tasks;
  • Ability to work independently with careful attention to detail;
  • Ability to use a variety of electronic or online systems for communication, clinical, and administrative purposes.

Compensation range: $21 to $23.03/hour based on experience.

Reports to: Julie M. McCarthy, PhD
Associate Psychologist, Division of Psychotic Disorders, McLean Hospital
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

If interested, please contact Dr. McCarthy at jmccarthy@mclean.harvard.edu with a cover letter and CV/resume.

For more information, please visit: https://partners.taleo.net/careersection/jobdetail.ftl?job=3229298&lang=en



Arterial Stiffness, Cognition and Equol (ACE), Research Study Opportunity 

Full-time Research Specialist, UPMC WPIC 


Youth Emotions, Thoughts, and Interactions (YETI) Lab through UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital.

The YETI Lab (www.yetilab.pitt.edu), under the supervision of Dr. Leslie Horton, is seeking a Research Specialist to assist with the ProNET Study, an NIMH-funded multisite (U01) study of 26 in international research sites examining comprehensive biomarkers in a large number of young people at risk for psychosis, including fMRI, EEG, fluid biomarkers, clinical and cognitive assessments, and daily life assessments. 

The YETI Lab aims to better understand and improve the lives of young people at clinical high risk for psychosis (CHR) by studying their interactions, biomarkers and clinical profiles. 

Candidates for the positions will have the opportunity to work on two different research studies in an inclusive, cohesive workspace, along with the opportunity to grow professionally in a research setting. You can find a link to our website and the position below. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at headleyem@upmc.edu

Website: https://yetilab.pitt.edu/  

Position: https://careers.upmc.com/jobs/11880227-research-specialist-the-yeti-lab ; or UPMC Job Number: 232598219


Post-Bacc Program in Psychological Science, University of California, Irvine 

The Department of Psychological Science at the University of California, Irvine is currently accepting applications for their post-baccalaureate program; the deadline to apply for Fall 2023 is April 15, 2023 for domestic students (February 15, 2023 for international students.

Program Overview:  UCI’s Post-Bacc Program in Psychological Science is a certificate program that combines psychology coursework with research and/or internship experience. It is designed for people who have a bachelor’s degree (in any discipline); who are interested in a psychology-related graduate program, career development, or career change; and who could benefit from additional coursework, research and/or real-life work experience in psychology. Those interested in a doctoral-level or master’s degree programs in a range of areas of psychology (including clinical/counseling psychology, social/personality psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology, psychology & the law, and school psychology) or health (e.g., public health, medical school) can strengthen their graduate school applications by completing our program, which offers an individualized course of study based on each person’s qualifications and goals.

Program Description:  The program consists of eight courses, which may include lower- and upper-division lectures, small seminars (including advanced statistics and research methods courses), hands-on research lab courses, and/or hands-on internship courses.  The program can be completed at the student’s own pace, in as little as 9 months or in as many as 24 months, depending upon one’s schedule and preferences.  A faculty advisor will work closely with students to help plan courses and provide guidance on obtaining letters of recommendation, choosing graduate programs, writing personal statements, and applying for jobs.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to attend our weekly departmental colloquia and other special events and to interact with our community of faculty, researchers, and graduate students. 

Applications:  Applications are due on April 15, 2023 for domestic students (February 15, 2023 for international students) for Fall 2023 admission.  For more information, please visit:  https://ps.soceco.uci.edu/post-bacc-page/post-baccalaureate-program-psychological-science


Full-Time Research Technician, The Ohio State University

Job Description Summary    

This person in this position will assist and support scientific investigations of cognitive and brain basis of social processes in psychiatric disorders (e.g. psychosis, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, autism-spectrum disorders) directed by Dr. Ivy Tso in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health. The person will screen, assess, and schedule research participants for the project, administer neurocognitive and computerized assessments, oversee eye tracking data collection, and guide participants through brain scans and run fMRI protocols. Responsibilities will also include data collection; maintenance of study records; data entry, maintenance, and upload to NIH databases; accurate completion of daily paperwork and administrative tasks; preparing assessment materials; various participant contact; adherence to all study protocols; assist with regulatory upkeep; and coordinating/attending weekly team meetings. The position requires a 2-year commitment and is renewable up to 5 years, depending on performance. It is an ideal steppingstone for those considering pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology or cognitive neuroscience.  

Essential Duties 

60%:    Recruits and screens potential participants via telephone and through interactions with clinicians in mental health clinics; consents research participants; administers psychological and neurocognitive assessments with research participants; coordinates and schedules appointments with participants, clinical assessors, and MRI scans; guides participants through computerized tasks and fMRI scans; run eye tracking and fMRI experiments according to protocols; oversees and maintains accurate records of laboratory activities; and prepares and participates in study team meetings. 

20%:    Manages research records and data entry; assists with programming of behavioral experiments; provides assistance transferring data; perform routine data processing; maintains clinical, behavioral, and fMRI databases. 

10%:    Assists with training of undergraduate students in participant recruitment, screening, and equipment operation; sets up and operates laboratory equipment; monitors research supply, including inventory and initiates procurement requests as needed; other duties as assigned. 

10%:    Assists with analysis of research results; summarizes data for inclusion in grant proposals, manuscripts and professional presentations; prepares research progress reports; assists principal investigator with the preparation of publications, manuscripts, articles, posters, and abstracts; conducts library research on requested topics through researching current literature. 

Minimum Education and Skills/Experience Required/Desired 

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in psychology, neuroscience, or a related discipline is required. Strong interpersonal skills and flexibility for work with diverse populations in diverse settings. 1-2 years of experience with research involving human subjects. Basic computer skills (word processing, internet searches, spreadsheets, elementary statistics). Experience in behavioral data acquisition is helpful but not required. Highly organized, detail-oriented with the ability to understand and follow research protocols. Technical skills with equipment and software – training is available, but candidate must be competent to learn to use specialized lab equipment and software interfaces. Valid driver's license and willing to drive regularly between OSU campus and community mental health clinics within Columbus. The ability to work both independently and collaboratively as a team member. The candidate must be able to work independently for extended periods of time while receiving feedback and guidance from lab manager and faculty investigators. The ability to adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines. Strong self-motivation and adaptability in order to meet goals and deadlines of the project. The ability to problem-solve, prioritize multiple tasks, and meet deadlines. Flexibility in working hours is often required, depending on the scheduling needs of research participants, including weekends and evenings. Requires successful completion of a background check. Qualified candidates may be requested to complete a pre-employment physical including a drug screen. 

Dr. Tso's new lab at OSU is currently under construction. For more information about Dr. Tso' work, please visit her former lab website: https://tso.lab.medicine.umich.edu/home



Yale Fellowship in Translational Developmental Neuroscience 

The Yale Fellowship in Translational Developmental Neuroscience at the Yale Child Study Center and Cogstate is recruiting highly qualified students for an intensive joint pre-doctoral fellowship for current graduates or graduating seniors interested in a combined clinical and research career in autism intervention. The position will commence June 2023.

The Yale Child Study Center is a leading institution in autism research. Cogstate is an independent science company that supports clinical trials. The Yale Child Study Center and Cogstate have developed a collaborative partnership to support clinical trials in pediatric and developmental disability populations. 

The Yale Child Study Center provides fellows the opportunity to shadow weekly developmental disability clinic rounds, attend Child Study Center Grand Rounds, as well as other departmental Grand Rounds lectures in the School of Medicine in addition to their clinical and research responsibilities. The fellows will be involved in industry-sponsored pharmaceutical trials at Cogstate and gain experience with clinical trial design and methodology, clinician trainings, management of cognitive and behavioral assessments, and statistical approaches.

The fellowship is one year in duration, a second year of employment is conditional on progress made in the first year. The fellowship combines elements of experiential learning with supervision, self-directed learning, and shadowing. The primary training experience will be training and experience in Pivotal Response Treatment, an evidence-based treatment for children with ASD. The postgraduate fellow, under the supervision of Dr. Ventola, will hold both clinical and research responsibilities. The fellows will be trained in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT); an empirically-validated behavioral intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They will then be primary PRT clinicians for children with ASD, under the supervision and mentorship of a licensed psychologist. The fellows will also conduct standardized psychological assessments with children and complete a variety of parent interviews. Lastly, fellows will be involved in direct research within the laboratory using fMRI, EEG, and eye-tracking measures. 

Under Dr. Ventola’s mentorship, selected applicants will be expected guide a predetermined project of research from the point of data collection through analysis and presentation of results. Successful candidates will have a high degree of initiative and independence with strong organizational and interpersonal skills. They must have the ability to work effectively with many types of people across different settings while juggling multiple tasks. Flexibility, endurance, and attention to detail are also essential qualities. Fellows starting salary will be $35,700/year. 

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible candidates are college graduates who will have obtained a bachelor's degree by June 2023. While previous relevant experience is preferred, applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds are encouraged. U.S. citizenship is not a requirement of the fellowship.

Please note that this fellowship is not offered concurrently with graduate studies. However, we do hope that the fellowship will serve as an important stepping-stone towards future medical or graduate studies.

Application Information

  • For more specific questions, interested applicants should contact Dr. Pamela Ventola (pamela.ventola@yale.edu). Electronic submissions are preferable. A complete application includes 1 copy of each of the following items:
  • Resume or CV
  • Transcript, undergraduate and graduate (if applicable)
  • A 2-page personal statement containing biographic material, relevant experience, and career goals - can be single or double spaced
  • Two letters of recommendations should be emailed to pamela.ventola@yale.edu. The recommender should include the applicants full name in the subject line.

Interested students should send their CV, personal statement, and transcript to Pamela Ventola (pamela.ventola@yale.edu).

Questions regarding the Yale Fellowship inTranslational Developmental Neurosciencemay be directed to Pamela Ventola (pamela.ventola@yale.edu).