What kind of job can I get with a psychology degree?

Students who earn a psychology degree from the University of Pittsburgh acquire a number of marketable skills and are well qualified for many entry level positions in a variety of career fields.  If you are unsure about going to graduate school right after completing your undergraduate degree or not sure graduate school in general is right for you, this website is a good place to begin your research about "What kind of job can I get with a psychology degree?"


Many students assume by declaring a psychology major, they will need to attend graduate school in order to gain employment. While many of our students do go on to graduate training, many other students find careers and employment in fields with their bachelor’s degree in psychology.  If you are interested in the endless career opportunities, Dr. Kit's career videos explore the day in the life of professionals who utilize their psychology degrees—bachelors and graduate levels—in a variety of occupations.  In addition to your independent career research please feel free to visit the Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance to discuss these options in more detail. 


Finally, be sure to explore all of your options talking to your academic advisor, professors, Career Development Consultants, Student Employment Placement Specialists—just to name a few! In other words, graduate study might be a viable path for you, but be sure that the career you are interested in pursuing will require a graduate degree before assuming this is your next step.