Experiential Learning

Experiential learning takes place outside the classroom through research with faculty, internships, or service learning.  We encourage you to consider experiential learning as part of your total educational experience at Pitt.

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Directed Research

Get involved with research under the supervision of a faculty member of the psychology department. Learn more

Honors in Psychology

The honors designation in psychology offers a challenging and interesting research experience, through which students work with a faculty member, write a thesis, and earn the recognition that comes with superior performance. Learn More 

Supervised Field Placement

Gain practical experience for volunteer work in a supervised setting relevant to the many career options the psychology major provides. Learn more

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Academic credit may be earned for serving as an undergraduate teaching assistant in the Psychology department. Learn More

Directed Reading

Directed Reading is intended for students who wish to study an area of psychology that is not covered by or regularly offered in an existing course. Learn More

A maximum of 12 credits of PSY 1900, PSY 1902, and PSY 1903 combined may be applied toward the B.S. degree, with a maximum of 9 credits under one course number.  Review this chart for PSY 1900/1903 prerequisites.

The Dietrich School of Arts & and Sciences allows a maximum of 24 experiential learning credits toward the degree; therefore, students can take 12 research/internships credits through A&S and/or other A&S departments in addition to the 12 credit maximum in psychology.

All experiential learning opportunities during the summer are offered as 12-week session courses only and therefore, require enrollment by the published add/drop deadline. The four and six-week sessions are not available for experiential learning opportunities.