Teen and Young Adult Development: Understanding Interpersonal and Sociocultural Influences

Supervising Faculty:

Sophia Choukas-Bradley, Ph.D.


Dr. Sophia Choukas-Bradley


Area of Research: Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Description of Research:

The Teen and Young Adult (TAYA) Lab is focused on understanding interpersonal and sociocultural influences on adolescent and young adult development. Current areas of focus include social media use, body image, sexual behavior, the objectification of girls and women, and LGBT adolescents. Detailed and up-to-date information about Dr. Choukas-Bradley, the lab team members, and the lab's research is available here: www.sophiachoukasbradley.com. 

Examples of research questions include: 

• How do adolescents’ sexual behaviors develop over time? 

• How do teen girls and young women navigate complex messages about sex? 

• How is social media changing teens’ interpersonal lives? 

• How does social media affect body image and self-objectification in girls and young women? 

• What are the roles of social norms, peer influence, and popularity in adolescents’ risky behaviors? 

• How do gender and sexual orientation affect adolescent development and interpersonal relationships? 

Duties of Students:
A Directed Research position in the lab is ideal for enthusiastic, hard-working undergraduate students who are interested in obtaining research experiences in Psychology, are specifically interested in the research areas of the lab, and are able to commit 10 hours to lab work each week. Directed Research students participate each week in various lab tasks necessary for the research process. These tasks include: collecting, entering, and managing data; completing readings and participating actively in weekly lab meetings; and pursuing an independent research project. This research training experience is ideal for students who are interested in pursuing graduate school in Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, or related fields.

Students must complete the following prerequisites before the start of PSY 1903:
• Must have a 3.5 GPA and meet the other departmental requirements
• Must also obtain clearances for work with children (Act 33/34/73)

Students who are interested in applying for the Directed Research position should complete an application, following the instructions here

Terms offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Number of Students: 3-5 

Additional Information: Detailed information about Dr. Choukas-Bradley, the lab team members, and the lab's research is available here: www.sophiachoukasbradley.com.