Education & Training

The PEIC committee strives to foster growth in our understanding of central issues surrounding diversity and creation of inclusive environments.

Upcoming Events

Undergraduate Open Lab Event


Sennott Square
The Undergraduate Subcommittee is again hosting an Open Lab Event where students from underrepresented backgrounds will be able to visit several psychology labs on campus and learn about the directed research program. The committee will send out invitations to eligible students in early March and asks that graduate students interested in volunteering contact Melinda Ciccocioppo (  

Past Events


African American Racial Identity Development During the Transition to Adulthood: Gift and "Curse?"

Dr. Enrique Neblett, Professor of Health, Behavior, & Health Education
Hosted by the Department of Psychology Colloquium Series

Jan. 2020

Dr. Enrique Neblett visited the department from the Detroit Academic-Community Urban Research Center at the University of Michigan and conducted several events throughout the day. You can read more about his work here: Dr. Neblett

Community Lunch and Learn

Hosted by PEIC Education & Training Committee

Oct. 2019

Conversation orchestrated to gain a better understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of the differences between us that comprise our community in the Psychology Department. The workshop fostered dialogue about equity and inclusion and promoted a greater culture around these issues to help every member of our community feel valued and included.